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693, @HEITGH We're sorry you're feeling our web web site is useless as you're in Canada. - Luxusszövetek

@HEITGH We’re sorry you’re feeling our web web site is useless as you’re in Canada.

That is not at all our intention, therefore we’re sorry that way is felt by you. We have not expanded our site’s premium services outside of the US yet since we are still a young company.

And also you talk about a beneficial point – LFGdating nevertheless requires some work outside the US when we like to be successful term that is long. Does LFGdating still have ways to get we want it to be? Absolutely before we feel it’s where. We are work with progress. We have come a good way since our beta in 2013, but yes, we continue to have strive to complete.

Additionally, we’re sorry whenever we arrived down too aggressive with your very first remark. Patrick (one other co-founder) and I feel that participating in discussion with users and possible users shows transparency. We are two dudes attempting to develop a sophisticated, mature gamer dating website. We are maybe perhaps not just a business workplace in a metropolitan high increase. Yet!

O-Hi-O there Casey.

I happened to be fascinated and seemed alot ahead to your site that is dating LFGdating. Nevertheless when i got there and signed up and done every thing. I acquired confronted or kinda felt alienated as a Non-American. For i’m from EU and do not possess a creditcard for we mostly usually do not possess one at all, for most of us use our bankpasses. Nevertheless the point is/was, I obtained confronted by the membership model. Ofcourse i do know very well what sort sir, Joel Lee talked about (to guard from spammers and trolls) However the thing is. Thereis no method for me. To ever obtain a registration. And I also found or found some nice matches. But could not do just about anything it kinda saddend me actually, and so. About any of it… Your internet site been offering me personally an extremely nasty after style. We hope you dudes will think about this or be in the rear of your minds that perhaps maybe not the whole entire globe operates on creditcards. And you may pass up or neglect a big base of people/community for maybe maybe not enabling other re re payment choices like bankpasses as the best one would be Best or Paypal (If no other option)

I recently wanna explain Sir Casey, I will be maybe not looking down or resenting your creation. But I can not assist but to feel kinda bitter for it certainly appears sweet and right to the idea and has now quality. About any of it,. However it reminds me personally of a number of the games (liberated to play or sub based mmo’s) which you can not do just about anything or want to get obligated getting one thing. Which you can’t or just can not be in purchase to obtain it/buy it.

You are wished by me well together with your site. I simply desire you dudes were more non-American. That is friendly ASAP if I do not ask to much alright? You can see this more like in, more potential, maybe far more community/playerbase of a enhance so we could talk/mailing a bit more privately about the matters at hand we’re both currently facing if you would address these things i would like to have your email sir.

Each time a agent of a web page you may be offering support/advertising to immediately reacts to a remark from a user about said site, that tends to purge some flags that are red away. Additionally, the to be able to select details for the “ideal match” is kina shallow when looking for a match. Very first time finding out about a guide to dating places for gamers; and so I’m hoping we’m perhaps not going to find a lot of rip down reports about these websites or learn they are all based away from Singapore or some absurd location within the next ten minutes while we check them down. Having said that. We may take a visit, but I do not think We’ll sign up to lfg. Severe flag that is red it comes down as to the i understand about outsourcing ad among other inexcusable how to just just just take individuals for just what you desire from their store.