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cy, eks, 4, j, Categorized Ads for Jan. 2, 2020. COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES – Newell Realty & Auctions, 330-627-2350. (01tfcweb) - Luxusszövetek

Categorized Ads for Jan. 2, 2020. COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES – Newell Realty & Auctions, 330-627-2350. (01tfcweb)


Real Estate advertised herein is at the mercy of the Federal Fair Housing Act, hence rendering it unlawful to promote any choice, limitation or discrimination predicated on battle, color, faith, intercourse, handicap, familial status or nationwide beginning, or perhaps the intention which will make such choices, restrictions or discriminations.

The complimentary Press will not knowingly accept marketing for property which will be in violation for the legislation. Be informed that most dwellings promoted are available on an equal possibility foundation.

The Free Press Standard

COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES – Newell Realty & Auctions, 330-627-2350. (01tfcweb)

CARROLL CO: Lee Twp. 56 acres, $154,900. Lee Rd. NW outside Carrollton. EVEN, Rose Twp. 24 acres, $119,900. Clay rd., 2.5 kilometers from Tappan. HARRISON CO: Archer Twp. 84 acres, $334,900. Hanover Ridge Rd. Other lots available. BRUNER LAND BUSINESS, INC. (740)630-6724 or (740)685-8138. All mineral liberties reserved. “Owner Financing Available” www. (52tfcweb)

Wishing that you Pleased New Year from many of us at Bruner Land business. (52tfcweb)


DESIRED: Standing Timber & Walnut Trees – Call Carroll County Logging, 330-738-2050 or 440-897-0863. (01tfcweb)


LINE OPERATORS required at synthetic manufacturing facility. Complete benefits, tiered pay increases. Must pass pre-employment medication assessment. Ten dollars & up. No experience needed. Apply at 750 Garfield Ave., Carrollton, OH. Applications can also acquired at OhioMeansJobs. (36tfcweb)


Money for the Farm Or Acreage – Call toll-free, 866-893-5263. (01tfcweb)


Property advertised herein is at the mercy of the Federal Fair Housing Act, therefore which makes it illegal to promote any choice, limitation or discrimination predicated on competition, color, faith, sex, handicap, familial status or nationwide beginning, or the intention to produce such choices, limits or discriminations.

The complimentary Press will not knowingly accept marketing for real-estate which will be in breach of this legislation. Be informed that most dwellings marketed are available for an equal possibility foundation.

The Complimentary Press Standard

Furnished apartment for lease in Carrollton. Resources, cable, internet & trash included. Phone 330-418-3784. (01pweb)

Deluxe upstairs 2 BR, 2 BA apartment w/attached storage, washing hook-ups, gasoline temperature, main atmosphere & resources included, $750/month deposit that is. Pet friendly. Positioned 2 kilometers north of Carrollton on SR 43. Phone Butch at 330-312-3181. (01tfcweb)


SNOW PLOWING – CALL BILL GRIMES, 330-324-7969. (46tfcweb)

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